Mandarin Petitgrain
Mandarin Petitgrain
Mandarin Petitgrain
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Mandarin Petitgrain

Essential Oil, 10ml

Botanical Name: Citrus reticulata (Madarin Petitgrain) Oil

Origin: Peru

GCMS Report

A fruity mandarin-leaf oil with a bitter cocoa undertone from the jungle of Peru. This nurturing essential oil is sourced from an agroforestry project aiming to preserve and protect the Peruvian Amazon. 






Plant Information

A citrus tree, similar to an orange but with a smaller fruit, the mandarin. It is a moderate sized tree that grows in the tropics. The leaves are small with a shiny top and a matte green bottom. The larger stems and areas of trunk have thorns. The tree is thought to be native throughout the regions of Asia.