Frankincense Neglecta
Frankincense Neglecta
Frankincense Neglecta
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Frankincense Neglecta

Essential Oil, 10ml

Botanical Name: Boswellia neglecta Gum (Frankincense) Oil

Origin: Kenya

GCMS Report

A rich resinous frankincense oil with an aromatic hint of sweet wood. It is also known as "Black Frankincense" because of the black resin that seeps naturally from the bark of the Bowewellia neglecta tree. Harmless harvested in the wild by a community of Samburu women, this is a truly harmonizing essential oil.






Plant Information

Boswellia neglecta is one of 23 species of Boswellia trees. Its name "neglecta" comes from the fact that this tree can be neglected and still thrive and produce resin. The tree is never cut, it oozes resin naturally and is wild harvested. This tree grows in hot arid regions of Kenya, Ethiopia and Somaliland.