Our Mission

Our mission is to create positive social and environmental change by supporting regenerative farming practices and celebrating the ancient art of aromatherapy.

Pictured is Calliandra angustafolia, or known commonly as Bobinsana. It is a nitrogen fixing species that grows in the Amazon, often utilized in reforestation. The Mimosa-like flowers are strikingly beautiful amongst the green forest. The plant is sacred and known to be a heart opening teacher plant.

Biodiversity & Community

We believe that we can make great social change for people and land. We are a company that believes in responsibility and accountability, that is why we focus on working with small artisans in rural communities, knowing that the future can be ecologically diverse and prosperous for all.

The harvesting of Boswellia neglecta by Samburu women in Kenya.

Our Team

Soli Essentials was created by a passionate team of Pacha Soap Co leaders and visionary experts from the fields of aromatherapy, agroforestry and supply chain transparency.

Our team is dedicated to curating the very best aromatics while guaranteeing purity, potency and transparency; creating products that go beyond sustainability and towards regeneration.

The Soli and Whole Foods team tour Primary Rainforest at the Reforestation Center in Peru where our Sacred Forest collection is sourced.

About our Sister Brand


Each Pacha purchase supports radically transparent and ethical sourcing, clean water initiatives, hygiene education and small business opportunities worldwide.
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