Lavender Fine A.O.P.
Lavender Fine A.O.P.
Lavender Fine A.O.P.
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Lavender Fine A.O.P.

Essential Oil, 10ml

Botanical Name: Lavandula angustifolia Miller (Lavender, AOP) Oil

Origin: France

GCMS Report

A classic “lavendacious” oil with an aromatic hint of mint and a balsamic undertone. This rare heritage oil is sourced from the original lavender region of France and carries the A.O.P. (appellation d'origine protégée – protected designation of origin) label. A traditional, floral-sweet lavender at its best. 






Plant Information

Lavandula angustifolia Miller is a perennial bushy shrub with fragrant linear leaves. The glands that contain essential oil can easily be observed in the leaves when under a microscope. 150 pounds of cut lavender flower tops makes 1 pound of oil. This variety is grown in high altitude and is a heritage variety with the A.O.P. certification.