Pure Ingredient Promise

Our Mission

Our oils are responsibly harvested from one single source, meaning that they are not diluted or mixed. We can trace our oils from plant to bottle. We know our farmers and our distillers, in fact we use blockchain technology so you can trace your oils too! We believe that consumers deserve to know what product they are buying, how it is produced and what the environmental impact is.

Not only are our essential oils sustainably produced, but they are of incomparable aromatic and energetic potency. We have put together the finest curated botanical experience, with plants from some of the most beautiful and biodiverse places on this planet and distilled from the very best artisans.

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New to essential oils?

The natural world is a fragrant world. When we smell a rose or orange blossom, we are inhaling the aromatic molecules that the flowers release to attract bees and other pollinators. And when we smell their essential oils from the bottle, our mind and body respond with a cascade of subtle responses - realigning our biology with nature, our senses with pleasure.

Tiny glands in the leaves, seeds, roots, fruit rinds and flowers of aromatic plants secrete the precious essences that are transformed and concentrated by the ancient art of distillation. The simplicity of their structure makes them light and volatile and smellable - plant aromatics with the power to energize, uplift, relax, and harmonize.

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